Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ps. 42:7

If deep calls out to deep, then would it not be true that shallow call out to shallow?

I am reminded of shallow and surface friendships, shallow and surface image - whether digital or professional, shallow and surface faith and dare I say shallow and surface christianity.

Maybe being no longer satisfied, content with, entertained by, or comfortable with surface is evidentiary of depth. Maybe the depth is a secondary consequence of a singular superior focus.

Damon Thompson's voice echoes in my heart "an inch wide and a mile deep."

A place where shallow no longer fits or can survive. A place where trust brings admittance and uninhibited vulnerability is essential.

There is an immersion that takes place at certain depths that can never be experienced in the shallow.

I am all in.

There is no fear here.
There is no worry here.
There is no bitterness or resentment here.
There is no hatred or sarcasm here.
There is no pain here.
There is no addiction here.
There is no manipulation here.
There is no scheming here.
There is no loneliness here.
There is no betrayal here.
There is no disappointment here.

The waves and the breakers won't allow it. Rolling over me, only one thing matters. The singular and superior focus. His name is Yahweh.