Saturday, June 9, 2018

Phil 3:14

I press on
I keep going
I won't stop
I persevere
I refuse to give up
I keep fighting for and

Toward the goal for the prize
For there is reward
A grand and beautiful one
An accomplishment to be proud of
A reason to celebrate

of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus
Such a call as this
An upward one

Come hell or high water
No matter the circumstance
The atmosphere
The attitude
The struggle
The difficulty
The draining
The frustration

I won't stop heading toward and through and to the prize of that which is higher
An upward call of God
A higher purpose
Seeing the view from an elevated perspective
Knowing that there is purpose and goodness ahead
To persevere because there is more going on than simply what we can see when we are in the thick of it

That upward call is the goal
Upward Not Inward
Such an anthem
Higher are your thoughts
Higher are your ways